Reader Review Update and Review FAQ 1.0

Oh hello everyone! My last update of the week, and, for that matter, the month, since I'll be going on vacation for a week. But I decided to leave you all with a really bangin' going away present. The all new Review FAQ v1.0. "But you're the one going away, SP, shouldn't we be getting you something?" Ah my good comrades in critiquing, my gift will be if you follow the FAQ and learn from it. But more on that later, on to the reviews!

Our first submission comes from reader Ikari Gendou (any relation to the Ikari Warriors? Loved that game) of Square's medievil RPG, Vagrant Story. Now, the guy is obviously in someone's employ, so he's not really a Vagrant, is he? Very misleading. Anyway, go check out the review here.

Next up is reader Odin's review of an old favorite from the SNES days, Capcom's Breath of Fire 2. I personally liked this game a lot, but Captain Commando needs to learn that main characters can be named things OTHER than Ryu. Go look at the review here.

And last, but not least, reader Homan Mohseni (I love saying that name), brings us his review of Natsume's (no, not Lufia, be patient) farming sim, Harvest Moon 64. Wow, that makes a total of three games N64 has that we cover with reviews... yeah. Anyway, the game doesn't seem half bad, so check check check it out here.

Now, that part that I'm sure you've all been waiting for, the new review FAQ ::applause:: I wrote it myself in response to the large volume of mail I get (1 e-mail) asking me questions on how to write reviews. Since I know all of you out there would love to talk to me but are just too shy, I've set up a list of frequently asked questions to help you with writing reviews. It's extensive and covers the following 4 areas: Writing Reviews, Submitting Reviews, Interpreting Reviews, and Errata (and no, that does not mean porn). Check it out here in all its tasty review goodness. It will also be available from the Submissions page.

Please, I beg of you all, read the FAQ before you write a review. Even for those of you who write reviews often, read it and glean some knowledge, it really does cover a lot. I want some good reviews in my mailbox when I get back, gosh darnit!

So that's all for this week, and I hope you enjoyed it all thoroughly. When I come back I should have a really killer update (the original special update I had planned for today). So until then, enjoy the FAQ, the reviews, and the Summer! Buh bye!

Date Updated:
June 23rd, 2000

Time Updated:
7:36 PM

Sensei Phoenix

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