PMM Contest: The Voting Begins

Well, voting can now begin. Rules and regulations are explained in detail on the voting mainpage (same page where the contest rules were once found). However, I'll briefly go over rules here also.

Voting will be done by E-Mail to me, and I will be keeping track of all votes. Please do not cheat by making up many e-mail addresses just to make an image win. Uematsu would not look highly upon this practice. If we were to somehow catch you, your votes would be disqualified and if you were not only cheating but also a person who submitted artwork, that artwork would be removed from the contest.

Voting will also be done by image number...In each category, an image has a number. Hold your mouse over the number to see it or just look at its filename. You may vote for one and ONLY one image per category, leaving a total of 4 votes per e-mail sent in.

The image with the highest number of votes in each section will be put in the "gold set"...2nd-highest the "silver set", and 3rd-highest the "regular/standard set". For disc art, because gold edition will have 2 discs, there will be 4 ranks and the top 2 get gold and then the declension follows normally from there. Exceptions will be made for artists who win in multiple categories...Those artists will be given the choice of which art they'd like to see make it most.

On a personal note, some people have E-Mailed us complaining about the one artist winning only one artwork rule. Some have said "with all these different styles in one package, it won't be uniform and will look very weird". We'd like to let these people know that both Stephen and I and many others have taken consideration into that...And frankly, it doesn't bother us. We want to see as many fans get their art in as possible.

And please...take the time to read the rules (as some people didn't before), it doesn't take that long!

Voting will end promptly at noon, PST, on Friday July 7th so don't hesitate to look through the images and vote soon! Just click on the voting page link under "Related Links" to the right.

Date Updated:
June 21st, 2000

Time Updated:
10:00 PM


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