Dragon Quest VII TV Commercial!

Today we have two more of those quirky Japanese TV commercials, from none other than Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden. The first commercial has been on TV since May 27th and it features the members of SMAP, a famous Japanese pop band. They've turned into school kids and they're getting excited about Dragon Quest VII (well, who wouldn't be?). It's quite funny for people who know SMAP to see them in "kid form"! Here's a translation of what the kids say:

    - It's going to be great this time!
    - It is "7", after all.
    - What is?
    - It starts out with this storm...
    - Wait!
    - Don't say it!
    - And? And?
    - And...:
    - Don't say it!
    - What? What is it?
    - Ah!
    - The teacher's here!
    - Be quiet!
    - Say, what is it?

    Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden. Release date, August 26th. Enix.

The second commercial, chronologically older than the other one, was broadcasted for the New Year 1999, because Dragon Quest VII was originally scheduled for an August 1999 release. This commercial shows people wishing for the game to be released soon. Funny how things can turn out to be quite different. You can check this second commercial here.

Title: Dragon Quest VII SMAP Commercial
System: Playstation
Description: Dragon Quest VII TV Commercial featuring SMAP
Running Time: 14 Seconds
File Size: 3.9 Megabytes
Format: MPEG

Title: Dragon Quest VII TV Commercial
System: Playstation
Description: New Year 1999 Dragon Quest VII TV Commercial
Running Time: 15 Seconds
File Size: 2.4 Megabytes
Format: Quicktime

Thanks to Woojin for help on this one!



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June 21st, 2000

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