Eternal Arcadia Characters

New character descriptions and artwork has surfaced on Eternal Arcadia. Descriptions match with pictures from left to right.

Vyse Aika Drachma Fina Qpil Teodora Enrique Galcian Alfonso Gregorio Vigor Belleza De Loco Ramirez

  •   Vyse is the protagonist and leader of the pirates.
  •   Aika is a treasure hunter who has aligned herself with Vyse.
  •   Drachma is old, but a skilled captain. His right arm has been replaced by a mechanical one.
  •   Fina is from a foreign country and was saved by Vyse and Aika.
  •   Qpil is the cute, dolphin-like pet of Fina. It can change into different shapes to help out Fina.
  •   Teodora is the ambitious queen of the Empire. She wants to conquer other nations.
  •   Enrique is Teodora's son. He has a strong sense of justice and a peace to him, unlike his mother.
  •   Galcian is Teodora's general. He is a very calm and intelligent fighter, who's goal is eradicating the pirates.
  •   Alfonso is the nobleman in command of the first Emperial airship.
  •   Gregorio is the Prime Minister of the Empire.
  •   Vigor is the tall, flirtatious commander of the third airship. He bears a strange resemblance to Birdy from the Street Fighter series.
  •   Belleza, though beautiful and the commander of the fourth airship, tends to underestimate her enemies.
  •   Despite his clownish appearance, De Loco is the capable commander of the fifth airship. He has designed a lot of the special weapons for his ship.
  •   Ramirez, the commander of the sixth airship, is emotionless. He weilds a laser sword, deadly with his particular battle skills.

In battle, "Gutsy" is the action power shared among all the party members. When one person learns a new technique or spell, everyone in the group can use it. There will be character versus character battles and Bombardment battles, where your airship and an opposing airship will battle. Your airship is customizable; you can add options to improve its offensive and defensive power, like cannons.

In the world of Eternal Arcadia, there exist 6 moons, of the colors green, red purple, blue, yellow, and silver. Every now and then, "moon stones," which hold the energy of the moon, fall from the sky. People hunt all their lives for these stones. Each stone holds 6 kinds of elemental attributes. If you associate a certain moon stone with a weapon or spell, its power will increase greatly. There is a legendary "flying" whale called Mobys which glides through the sky and is as big as an island. What the whale and the moon stones have to do with each other is not known yet. Teodora, the queen of the Barua Empire, which has highly developed technology thanks to the moon stones, aspires to conquering all the floating nations in the world and will stop at nothing, even eliminating anyone who stands in her way.

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