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Neil Gaiman, creator of the Sandman graphic novel series and known in anime circles for his screenplay of last fall's Princess Mononoke, is teaming up with Quicksilver Software to produce a new Playstation 2 action RPG. The project has just started and is expected to be completed within an eighteen to twenty-four month time frame. Currently the game has neither a title nor publisher.

In anticipation of their first US release since reopening their US branch, Enix will feature a newly redesigned website this August. There will be information concerning their lineup, press releases, and various forms of interaction including message boards.

Sugar & Rockets, owned by Sony, has posted a movie of their upcoming Playstation 2 anime adventure game, entitled Scandal. The movie is available here.

NEC Interchannel will be releasing their upcoming Playstation strategy RPG, Black/Matrix Cross, in Japan this September. The Playstation version will have new 3D movies, as opposed to the anime-style of the Saturn and Dreamcast versions. The game will feature easy, normal, and advanced difficulty levels and 12 chapters. The battle map for each stage will be redrawn and the outcome for each chapter will affect the ending, which there will be multiples of in the Playstation version.

New information concerning the particular systems of Namco's upcoming Playstation RPG Khamrai. The Will System uses reliability and impression points. Every decision and action you make may affect the number of each. Will will be important when it comes to battles, since your party members fight according to the level of their wills during auto battle. The Mind System utilizes a Mind Graph, which will determine a character's nature, which in turn affects the magic and other abilities a character will learn. There will be 8 main characters in Khamrai, in addition to the seven Gods who rule six floating kingdoms.

- Kagato is the main character who lives in a country of darkness and possesses a special power.
- Fushi is a serious, prideful, and stubborn god from the country of light.
- Suyon is a 16 year old girl from the country of fire. She possesses a great deal of knowledge and has a lot of contact among thieves.
- Sayohime is the younger sister of Fushi and is the willful daughter of the God of Wisdom.
- Kiriha is the older sister of Kagato and a member of the vigilance committee in their village.
- Yu is a 15 year old who becomes crazed at the sight of a beautiful woman. He is also a monster hunter and plays a mean flute.
- Kazura is a 13 year old immortal and friend of Sayohime.
- An 18 year old Shinto priest who is in the service of the gods, Tukikage is an intellectual and very calm; she also likes Fushi.
- Obaba is the foster parent of Kiriha and Kagato.
- Kujyaku is a general in the service of the gods. His task is to exterminate all the monsters.
- The God of Leaves lives in the Temple of, what else, Leaf and is ruler of the country of Earth. He controls land, irrigation, and growth of vegetation.
- The God of Fire rules over the Country of Fire and is in charge of the development of tools and fire-based technology.
- The God of Wisdom rules the Country of Light and influences education, knowledge, and law.
- The God of Sky, while ruling the Country of Sky, also controls weather.
- The God of Life controls the Country of Floatage and guides medicine to treat the sick and injured.
- Finally, the God of Joy has no role and wanders everywhere, as he doesn't get along with the other Gods.

A new Final Fantasy IX video has emerged at RuliWeb. It's a pretty long clip at 30 MB and shows the town of Alexandria with Vivi and the other characters talking with townspeople.

Sony Computer Entertainment has released their Playstation RPG, Legend of Dragoon. Spread out over four discs, the game follows Dart on his mission of vengeance for the death of his parents. During this, he must destroy the Black Demon, rescue his friend Shana, communicate and battle with other races, and come to understand what it means to be a Dragoon. The game features over 40 minutes of FMV sequences, 650 pre-rendered backgrounds, over 80 hours of gameplay, nine playable characters, and the Dragoon transformation ability. The "additionals" combat system lets the player launch a series of attacks in one sequence.

Yes, it's official: SNK of America and Europe are no more. The Neo Geo Pocket Color is effectively dead and the publishment of SNK's other console games are up in the air until someone else decides to publish them. No more NGPC games will be published in the US and Europe, meaning that we'll never see an English version of Evolution, which was looking incredibly promising. Want more bad news? You better scramble to buy up as much SNK software and NGPC hardware as possible, since SNK is recalling all of it. Electronics Boutique has already stopped selling SNK products from their website. Luckily, NGPC games are easily imported, as there is no territory code on the system. Also none of these events will affect SNK's arcade releases here in the US. On a personal note this really, simply put, sucks. I love my NGPC, I think it's way cooler than the Game Boy Color, and a majority of the games were really good. But with bad marketing it just couldn't compete. Now the Game Boy's only competetion will be the Wonder Swan. How sad.


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