Evolution 2 and Threads of Fate Ads!

Ah, the beginning of a new month. As usual, RPG publishers have new ads running in magazines, this time for a few July releases. First up is Square's one page magazine ad for their Brave Fencer Musashi-style action RPG, Threads of Fate, which can be seen here. The game is due in stores July 2.

Before we get to the gem of this update, we have something equally cool: Koudelka postcards. Infogrames will be publishing this Sacnoth-developed RPG in the US, scheduled for release June 28. At the Infogrames booth at E3 last month, they were giving away postcards featuring images from the game, which you can see here.

Finally, we have Ubi Soft's 3-page ad for Evolution 2: Far Off Promise, which is being released at the end of this month, a mere 6 months after the first game. To get gamers interested in the much-improved sequel, an impressive series of ads is now appearing in magazines. Not just one page, not 2, but the ad is comprised of 3 pages (and part of a fourth). On each page, one of the game's three main characters are featured (Mag and Linear, both from the original, and Yurka, a mysterious new character). Check all of it out here.

Exactly a month ago, the Legend of Mana ad first showed up (which may be in stores as early as tomorrow), and this month marks the premiere of Threads of Fate. If things continue on this way, expect a Chrono Cross ad in a month's time (the game is set for an early to mid-August release).

Date Updated:
June 5th, 2000

Time Updated:
8:45 PM

The Chronologist

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