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Yee haw! 3 days of school left for everyone's favorite previews editor. This Wednesday, I finish up my freshmen year of high school and take my short summer break before heavy football practice starts again. In honor of this happy week, I'm dishing out a few previews for all you students dreaming of summer bliss. Check it out.

First up, a preview that sat in the previews directory for quite some time. Commodore Wheeler's Chrono Cross preview sadly sat alone and was never posted by the former previews editor, Sensei Phoenix. He was punished with an atomic wedgie.

Here's a clip from CW's preview of the upcoming Chrono Cross:

"Dubbed the "Element" system, Chrono Cross' magic system revolves around a plethora of individual spells that each can be linked to any member of your party. Your characters each have 5 levels of elemental attacks; each level contains a certain number of slots that individual spells can be linked to. In addition, each individual spell has its own innate elemental level as well as an elemental alignment. Spells can be placed into lower level slots than their innate elemental levels, but doing this will cause the spell's efficacy to be reduced when the spell is cast in battle. Conversely, placing the spell in a higher-level slot than its innate elemental level will augment the effectiveness of the spell. Spells can be found in chests (like items) or gained as the spoils of victory."

You can read the rest of this preview by clicking here.

Second, Krelian hits us with the latest on Square's Final Fantasy X. This upcoming PlayStation 2 RPG is sure to make waves by introducing Square's "Play Online" network.

Here's a clip from Krelian's preview of Final Fantasy X:

"It seems like only yesterday when Final Fantasy was released for NES. The sprite-based graphics, the scratchy 8-bit quality music... it was great. Unlike Final Fantasy IX (FFIX), which is for the old Playstation, Squaresoft has opted to not return to more "old school" graphics. As a matter of fact, Square is going full monty with FFX's graphics. Wonderful, breathtaking 3D landscapes (no pre-rendered backgrounds for this big boy!) compliment the highly detailed polygonal models very well. The movie shown at Square's Millenium Conference back in January was said to zip by at 60fps. Of course, with PS2's graphics capabilities, the graphic detail of FFX was never a big question."

You can read the rest of this preview by clicking here.

Finally, I bring you the latest on the soon to be released RPG named Legend of Mana. This makes our third Square RPG of the update.

Here's a clip from my preview of Legend of Mana:

"Visually, Legend of Mana has enough artwork to make a grown man cry. The game boasts detailed hand-drawn backgrounds and gorgeous character sprites. The Seiken Densetsu series will not stray from the unifying image of the tree. The tree brings forth a theme of nature and plant type magic, thus bringing special variety and beauty to the shades of green found in Legend of Mana. An important thing to note is the variety in the artwork. The character art, backdrops, and other locales are all incredibly diverse and many are unlike any other RPG. For those who need a frame of reference to visualize the art, look at SaGa Frontier I and II. Both bring hand-drawn art to its zenith and Legend of Mana is no exception."

To read the rest of this preview you may click here.

There you have it folks. Three previews up and ready for your reading pleasure. Sensei Phoenix promises me a preview of a certain PC RPG by the end of the week. Find out what it is inside next week's previews update!

Date Updated:
June 4th, 2000

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10:54 AM


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