Eternal Arcadia Music

Eternal Arcadia is shaping up to be a really important RPG for the Dreamcast when it releases this Fall. As the first "blockbuster" traditional RPG to hit the Dreamcast, it will no doubt be the first RPG to really make a difference and draw RPG players to the Dreamcast. Being a classical "pure" traditional RPG (unlike Evolution or Time Stalkers who both feature random-generated dungeons and only 1 village), this one is eagerly awaited by RPG fans who have been waiting for a great RPG game since the release of the Dreamcast. With Grandia 2 and Phantasy Star Online to follow a few months after, the Dreamcast could very well become a great console for RPG fans.

Anyway, we all know about the beautiful graphics in the game (as you can see for yourself from our screenshots in the pics section which you can find a link to on the right side of this news story) but what about the music? Well, I'm glad to say that the music seems to be just as good as the graphics. We've got 6 music samples for the game up on the Real Audio section and to be perfectly honest, I was really surprised by the quality of the music. There's just something about it that spells "quality". The title song is completely orchestral and sounds like a really epic song in the vein of Grandia's title song. "Voyage" is another great song that sounds like it'll be the Overworld music for the game. The other songs all sound pretty good too from the Town song to the Battle songs and the romantic piano song. Personally, I'm really looking forward to playing this game and hopefully, it'll be worth the wait. To listen to those music samples, head right over here.

Thanks to my German friend "Future" from
Dreamcast Total for giving me those samples.

Date Updated:
June 4th, 2000

Time Updated:
10:36 AM


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