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ArtDink, makers of quirky games like Tail of the Sun, will be releasing a new Playsation RPG this summer in Japan. Called Lagnacure Legend and sequel to Lagnacure, the game is fully 3D and utilizes a new battle system unlike its predecessor called Active Real Time Battle. The player will use fighting game-esque commands to perform special attacks and combos. There will also be a defend button. You can choose to play as eight characters, each with their own story. Lagnacure Legend is due to ship on July 6th.

More info on Sukogaiden Volume 1: Swordsman of Harmonia, due out for the Playstation sometime this fall. In this volume you play a swordsman from Harmonia called Nash, who is sent to investigate a boy with a special kind of rune (which is in reference to Suikoden II's protagonist). Characters such as Joey and Nanami are reported to make an appearance, among the 10-15 from Suikoden II. No voice-overs in this digital-novel. According to the director of the series, Yoshitaka Murayama, unlike the main character in Suikoden II, Nash will show his involvement in the story and reveal his character to the audience.

New details and screenshots have been revealed on Atlus' new Dreamcast game, deSPIRIA. Produced by Hiroyuki Tanaka, the game should be released in Japan by the end of the year. Taking place in 2092, with two powerful organizations in the world...the "Church" and the "Heterodoxy." In case you didn't know, a heterodox is the state of being not in agreement with accepted beliefs, i.e. the Church. However, since Heterodoxy is such a mouthful to say, Atlus refers to it afterwards as "Candle." You play as Aluah, an assasin for "Church." You are on your way by train to assasinate an important person at "Candle." The train then suffers an accident, which Aluah miraculously survives. She then decides to investigate the truth behind this crash and similar happenings.

In a system called the "Sphere System" you take control of Aluah in full 360 degree movement. Aluah uses her "Mind Dive" and "Mind Battle" extensively. Mind Dive allows Aluah to read other characters' minds. Say you don't believe what a certain character is telling you to be truth; you can then read their mind and see what they're really thinking. Also, you can read the residual thoughts in a place that someone has been. Aluah uses Mind Battle to combat against the monsters found throughout the game. A menu-based system, your goal is to destroy the opponent's soul.

We have the first screenshots of deSPIRIA here.

Verant Interactive, maker of EverQuest, has been acquired by Sony, who plans to use them to develop online RPGs for the Playstation 2.



Date Updated:
June 3rd, 2000

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6:18 PM

Sumire Kanzaki