Gust Announces New RPG

Game developer Gust, better known for their RPG series Marie no Atelier, just announced a sequel for their latest Playstation simulation RPG Kuroi Hitomi no Noir: Cielgris Fantasm. The sequel will be released for the Wonderswan with the title Kuroi Hitomi no Noir: Cielgris Chronique, which translates to Black-Eyed Noir: Cielgris Chronicle.

This new installment in the series is actually a prequel, as Cielgris Chronique takes place long before the Playstation game. The main character is a young swordsman known as Sels, who is a pioneer of the foundation of his kingdom. After he gathered 8 warriors, they get blown into the storm of war. Will the Wonderswan sequel bring a conclusion to the yet-unsolved enigma of the black-haired Saint? Only time will tell.

The game's system has supposedly been made simpler for the portable version, however, a new feature will be the influence of the weight of your characters' equipment over the turn order, allowing more strategy when equipping characters. Another addition is the possibility of collecting images of all the magic, monsters, weapons, and items in a picture book, as you would do with trading cards. Getting everything in the picture book is one more challenge you'll have.

Kuroi Hitomi no Noir: Cielgris Chronique is set for a June 22nd release date at a retail price of 3,980 yen. Until then, we have 2 screen shots and one piece of artwork!

For those of you who have never heard of the original game (and there must be quite a lot of you, as this is quite an obscure game), we've also added some media coverage for the Playstation version with 7 screen shots, 11 pieces of character artwork, the packaging, and some products!

Date Updated:
March 25th, 2000

Time Updated:
11:35 AM