The Super Famicom Lives...Barely.

The Super NES may have died years ago in the States, but the Super Famicom is still being kept on life support. Another installment in the Fire Emblem series, Fire Emblem: Thracia 776, has been released in cartridge form. Up until now, the game had only been available for rental in convenience stores.

Sega of Japan has announced two new Dreamcast games. Napple Tale is an action RPG, centering around a girl's struggle to free herself from a place called Napple World. The second title is Blue Submarine No. 6, an underwater RPG based on the anime of the same name. The series featured a gorgeous mix of handrawn animation and CG, courtesy of GONZO, who was responsible for much of the CG in Lunar 2: Eternal Blue remix. Blue Submarine will feature a brand new story exclusive to the game.

Might and Magic has been announced for a Japanese PS2 release. 3DO is developing the new game and Imagineer has been given publishing rights in Japan. More details are suspected to surface at next week's Tokyo Game Show.

From the world of Famitsu, Kessen has made #2 on their top ten. Also, Final Fantasy IX has reached the top of the Most Wanted list, besting even the master of the list for the past year, Dragon Quest VII.

Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn has been announced by Interplay for release on the PS2 in the U.S.

In more TGS news, Atlus has announced free promotional post cards will be given away for Persona 2 - Eternal Punishment.

From the world of lonely, anti-social guys comes two games from NEC Interchannel for the Dreamcast. Kanon, a port from the PC, is a mixture of dating sim and adventure. You can choose from 5 girls, each with different personalities and hobbies. What events and mini-games occur depends on the girl you choose. There are multiple branches and endings; however, all the adult content and scenes will be replaced so anyone can play it (sorry Woo. :P).

The second game from NEC Interchannel is the love adventure game Angel Present. The game sports a Parallel World system, meaning that there are two worlds in the game, real and fantasy. The fantasy world and the real world are similar, but magic spells and angels exist in the fantasy world, and some characters will have a different appearance, personality, job, etc. Events that occur in one world will also affect the other world.


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Date Updated:
March 24th, 2000

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2:22 PM

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