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On Sega Dreamcast's side, Phantasy Star Online was announced by Sega themselves, to be released worldwide this summer. Up to 4 players can participate in one game, and each player must register an ID, which would help people find and locate other players, if one were searching for specific people to play with. Due to the language barriers between countries, all conversations will be spoken by using predefined symbols and phrases.

Capcom has released more information regarding their bi-monthly RPG series, Emblem of Eru for Dreamcast. Starting with a summer release, the first game, Emblem of Eru: El Dorado Gate, will feature 7 volumes of the 24 total volumes that make up the whole game in its entirety. Following the first release, each additional game will feature 3-4 volumes, all retailing at 2800 yen.

From Ubi Soft, comes an RPG/Adventure game named Arcatera, scheduled for a second quarter release. Set in a fantasy world, the hero has only 3 weeks to counter the deeds of a satanic gang that is trying to overthrow the city's Prince. Featuring 3D characters, pre-rendered CG background graphics, over 50 CG cut-scenes, in addition to a non-linear storyline, non-linear gameplay with several routes through each aera, and 10 different endings, the title looks very promissing.

Kadokawa Shoten has an Action/RPG title coming, called Record of Lodoss War: Devil Advent, set for a release on June 29, retailing at 6800 yen. Based on the popular anime (I'm a big fan, considering I stole my nick from the main character =P ), it will feature an original story, and 2D graphics.

On Nintendo's front, the Gameboy Color will recieve a RPG, entitled Poyon's Dungeon Room 2, set for an April 28 release. Featuring a total of 7 dungeons, players can acquire special skills by changing their character's job, to get through the various puzzles in the game. The battle system features something called, The Reaction System, which allows you to observe the enemy and find/attack its weakness. In addition, you can use summon beasts to help you during battles, whom are capable of using the Technique Copy skill to copy the special attacks of enemies, and in turn, become stronger as they learn more techniques. Very interesting title.

Some rather interesting news, Square has sold over 6.19 million copies of Final Fantasy 8 worldwide. This does not include the PC port of the game, either! 3.63 million units were sold in Japan alone, with 1.46 million units sold in the US, and close behind, is Europe with 1.1 million. Square's net profit forecast for 1999 went up from 100,000,000 yen to 800,000,000. If you ask this editor, I don't think there's anything that can stop this RPG developing giant!


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Date Updated:
March 24th, 2000

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9:37 AM