Diablo 2 Beta Testers Announced

The Diablo 2 beta testers have been selected. Out of over 130,000 people who applied, only 1,000 were selected for the testing. If you signed up for the beta test, click here to search for your name. Good luck!

Blizzard also released an official FAQ for the beta testers. Read it here.

Here's a few clips from the FAQ.

What is the purpose of the Diablo II beta?

We find our betas to be incredibly useful for play balancing, gathering direct feedback from core gamers as well as compatibility testing. Beta testing is an important and vital part of our process.

What is the Diablo II Closed Beta?

The Closed Beta is the first phase of our Diablo II Beta. We held sign-ups on March 20, 2000. From the many applicants 1,000 testers were chosen from the United States and Canada. An additional number of testers will also be joining this group that includes Blizzard employees and members of the press.

What is the content of the Diablo II Closed Beta?

The Closed Beta contains all the areas of Act 1, all five classes, Hardcore mode, and the basic skills for the five classes. Players will also be ranked on the Normal and Hardcore ladders.

What is the Open Beta?

We will be doing something new with Diablo II by having a second phase beta program. This part of the beta will be an open beta where people can download a specific beta build from the web and jump up on to help us stress test our new servers. As we get closer to this date we will give out more details on how this part of the beta will be run.

Can I still use my beta after the beta test ends?

After the beta, the CD-Key is disabled, and the CD will no longer work. However, you are free to keep the CD as a souvenir.

If I'm a beta tester where and how can I report bugs?

When reporting a bug at, please copy and paste the contents of the file D2Debug.txt. You will find it in the D2 directory on the drive to which you installed the Diablo II Beta. The information in this file greatly accelerates the process of tracking down and fixing bugs.

Read the rest of the FAQ here.


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Date Updated:
March 23rd, 2000

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6:25 AM