Sakura Con 2000 Info & New Poll!

Sakura Con 2000 is an upcoming convention that will be held in Tukwilla, Washington, which is near Seattle, from March 31st through April 2nd. While the title suggests it's an anime-only convention, it actually covers Japanese videogames as well. The convention is filled with many vendors, gaming rooms, and panel discussions on a wide variety of topics and this year it also features an Enix panel discussion. That's right, Enix of America will be attending to discuss their future plans. In case you're wondering what juicy news might be revealed at Sakura Con, rest assured. RPGFan will be in attendance and we'll bring you all the details!

What's more exciting is that RPGs might soon become a more dominant theme at Sakura Con. When we talked to Isaac Alexander, the Vice Convention Chairman he said that they are trying to make Japanese RPGs a major theme in years to come. This is exciting news, especially for those who find themselves living in the Pacific Northwest!

In honor of Sakura Con 2000, which is less than two weeks away, we've decided to present the following poll question:

"Would you be interested in attending Sakura Con next year if videogame companies attend and premier their new RPG titles?"

Cast your vote on the main page or head to Sakura Con's official website for more information.

Last week, we asked our readers what they do when they're hopelessly stuck in an RPG. With over one thousand responses, I think we now have a greater insight into the minds of RPG fans! The most widely-used solution was level raising, which I've found most people do as a compulsive habit that doesn't really get them unstuck, but makes them feel better :P. Other people preferred to search online...let's face it, it's free! Third place goes to throwing the controller and swearing. Looks like our readers harbor some bottled-up anger when they play! Consulting a player's guide came in fourth place and it reaffirms the fact that many would prefer free online help much more than shelling out 10-15 bucks to look up answers in a glossy player's guide! Rounding out the rest of the choices were turning off the game, using cheat codes, and the least chosen method was talking to your buddies at RPGFan. This hurt our feelings a bit...we're quite resourceful! This poll can be found in the archives.

That wraps up this week's poll! After a peaceful weekend of "post-wisdom-teeth-surgery" recovery and some very good pain medication, I'm in very high spirits and hope you are too!

Date Updated:
March 19th, 2000

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2:00 PM

Stahn Mahn

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