More Sakura Taisen GB Screens

Sakura Taisen GB Geki - Hanagumi Nyuutai! for the Gameboy Color, will be a parallel story based on the first game's storyline. You play the part of a youth who experiences a month of training at the Hanagumi. The new screenshots seem to indicate that the game's main character has no name and the user must input one, which is something new to the Sakura Taisen series. The game also apparently allows up to 3 save files to be recorded on the cartridge.

Sakura Taisen GB Geki - Hanagumi Nyuutai! is scheduled for a Spring'2000 release in Japan.

Until then, you can check our 20 screenshots of the game by clicking here! And for more information about the game, check out our previous report about it.

Date Updated:
March 17th, 2000

Time Updated:
6:27 PM