Tuesday's News Bits

First up is the news that Square EA has announced dates for all those RPG, or RPG hybrids that have flooded Japan in the last few months. Surprisingly enough Vagrant Story which has only been out for a short while will be ported first, with Parasite Eve 2 being the last. RPG fans will have one hell of a busy spring and summer with this lineup. Unless of course you bought the imports already. =P

May 16 - Vagrant Story
June 13 - Legend of Mana
July 18 - Threads of Fate (Previously titled Dewprism)
August - Chrono Cross
September - Parasite Eve II

Also a brief update on the next version of Black Matrix, Black Matrix Cross. The tweaks to the game as of now are fairly minor, excluding the addition of a new timing system for battles. Due to the time system, abilities of certain characters will affected somehow by the changing time, making your moments of attack even more crucial. Another slight change is the immediate inclusion of Zero. A character who was initially hidden in the Saturn and Dreamcast variants.

I thought I'd finish this update with a bit of lunacy. I have often heard in the past that high level characters in massively multiplayer games are sold in exchange for large amounts of money. I honestly haven't believed these stories until now. Someone has sold a level 66 archer from Asheron's Call for the tidy sum of $3,000. Where else could this have happened? Why eBay of course, where you can apparently sell nearly anything, even if it isn't tangible. What's the lesson to be learned here? If you have oodles of time to power up a few characters, do so and then put them up on eBay. A person is bound to want it eventually.

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Date Updated:
March 14th, 2000

Time Updated:
7:29 PM

Kei Sagami

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