A Poll for all RPGFans!

You're playing along in what would normally be an enjoyable RPG, but then it happens... For some, it's a boss that no matter what you try, it beats the tar out of you every time you encounter it. For others, it's a puzzle that you've attempted to solve over and over again and now you contend that it's physically impossible. Or maybe you're just wandering around and all of a sudden you scratch your head and say, "What the hell am I supposed to do now?"

It's happens to all of us...we get stuck from time to time. Sometimes, it's because you walk around in a dungeon for hours not knowing where to go and then suddenly you see a switch that you swear wasn't there before. Or maybe, you ran away from so many battles that you're too weak and knee deep in skirmishes that repeatedly wipe out your party! Our question for you is:

"What do you do most when you're stuck in an RPG?"

Since this question is something I'm sure all our readers can relate to, I hope you all take the opportunity to head to the main page and vote!

Last week's poll in honor of the release of PS2 asked our readers if they would import this next generation console. Most agreed that they would wait for the domestic release while a combined 14% said they would import it for various reasons. The most interesting information that can be gathered from this poll is that 14% said PS2 sucks! Now, I put this option in there to see if RPGFan had an anti-Sony/anti-PS2 audience and it looks like it does! If you want to see this poll or any others, check our archives.

Have a good week...don't get stuck in any RPGs!

Date Updated:
March 12th, 2000

Time Updated:
1:11 PM

Stahn Mahn