Online Tournament Results

Sorry about the delay folks. Friday night was a hectic one and Saturday was just insane at my place. So here it is, the results of the RPGFan Online Gaming Tournament-March 2000.

The tournament was a true test of skill for StarCraft players that showed up. Blizzard's RTS jewel, StarCraft, has long since been a favorite among the online gaming community. Certainly, a favorite of mine.

Friday night was the first of RPGFan's online gaming tournaments. The battles were of epic proportions. The destruction was awesome. So I decided to document the final battle between Phantron and Manshoon.

With both Phantron and Manshoon being veteran StarCraft players, we all expected a good fight. We got one. Below is the battle report compiled by myself and my fellow staff member, ff. Check it out.

We started out by doing a little chatting in the pregame chatroom while we downloaded maps and prepared ourselves for the long game. Basically, someone had to use the bathroom and a few players wanted a snack. I was asked a few questions about rules and plans for upcoming tournaments and we slowly settled down and prepared for the final round of the tourney.

Things started a bit slow. I was almost worried that I would sit at my computer for hours. At least, that was what I thought until I saw Phantron making a serious platoon of Terran Marines in the corner of his base.

Shortly after Phantron finished his Marine production, he completed his first factory and began Terran Seige Tank production. Seige Tanks are deadly long range cannons that can easily wipe out small units with splash damage. Phantron begins the build just outside of Manshoons base and prepares an attack.

Manshoon comes back with a vicious counter-attack from behind! This is where things really picked up. Manshoon easily wiped out Phantron's Terran Factory and left Phantron with few Seige Tanks remaining.

Unfortunatly, Phantron had enough tanks to plow through Manshoons' Zerg Colony defenses and wipe out Manshoon's main base.

Manshoon wasn't finished yet though. Manshoon built a new base isolated from the mainland by a ring of water. Phantron will have to put his ground forces back to work in the kitchen while the Terran Battlecruisers are constructed.

However, Manshoon couldn't rebuild fast enough. While his Spore Colonies did considerable damage to Phantron's Battlecruisers, it wasn't enough to stop the Battlecruiser's Yamato Cannon. Good game Manshoon, but congrats go to Phantron for winning the battle.

As you can see from the score, Phantron won big. Still, I think that a good time was had by all. Nothing brings good players to the table like a chance to compete against real people and not the game's AI.

I want to thank all the players who showed up and played their best. To the winner, Phantron, thanks for being a good sport and giving us something special to watch.

Well, all this StarCraft talk is giving me a craving to grab a few Dark Templar and whip on a few Zerglings. See you all later. Don't forget to check back at RPGFan often for information on next month's gaming tournament.

Date Updated:
March 12th, 2000

Time Updated:
8:43 AM