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Hudson recently made an official anouncement Rune Jade, an online RPG in the works for the Dreamcast. Rune Jade is best compared to the now legendary PC game Diablo. Players can opt to go it alone offline, or venture through the randomly generated mazes with a few friends. Playing offline on your own will have serious drawbacks unfortunately, as only a fifth of the maps that are accessible online can be played solo. Character choice also plays a role in which dungeons you can explore by limiting your choices depending on the profession you have chosen. Multiple classes are available for character creation ranging from monks, knights, to the staple magician. Eight separate characters can be created per account, which can also be backed up with a VMS for later use. Rune Jade is slated for a summer release in Japan.

Speaking of Diablo like games, Blizzard has revealed that during the initial release of the highly anticipated Diablo II, a one time production run will be obtainable in limited quantities. Aptly titled Diablo II Collector's Edition, this set will include the game itself on four CD-ROMs, a nearly 30 minute long cinema in wide screen letter box format on DVD, a music CD with 70 minutes of music from the game itself, the Wizards of the Coast pencil and paper RPG, and a manual signed by the development team. All this will set you back somewhere in between $60-$70 at Electronics Boutique, Babbages, or directly from Blizzard.

Sega has released a little more info on the upcoming Sakura Taisen remakes. Aside from the afformention minor cosmetic enhancements, Sakura Taisen 1 & 2 will somehow directly affect Sakura Taisen 3 with the data carried over in the VMS.

Lastly, Sword of Moonlight, the development tool for making your very own King's Field on the PC will finally be appear on March 16 for 8,800 yen. Sword of Moonlight will come packed in with a remake of the first King's Field(Our version was Japan's second King's Field game) as guideline for creating your own world.

This concludes tonight's update. For the two of you who managed to pry yourself away from that brand new Playstation 2, I thank you for reading. ;P


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Date Updated:
March 4th, 2000

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