RPGFan Soundtracks Makes a Triumphant Return!

Let's start with what happened while the page was down. Basically, we at RPGFan decided to take a more legal route. As many of you know, we used to post entire soundtracks in Real Audio. This way, one could listen to the entire soundtrack before buying. As this was still very helpful for someone to know whether they want a soundtrack or not, the section was infringing every copyright law known to the music industry. Because of this, soundtracks went down for a time...

During this time, we worked hard on how we were going to make the page to fit legal restrictions. After talking to many people (including Stephen Kennedy of Project Majestic mix, THANKS FOR THE ADVICE!) we decided on a new format. For every disc in a soundtrack, we would post 5 tracks in real audio, but we would clip the file to go between 30 seconds and a little over 1 minute. So then we had to do all that clipping and re-encoding, which was a lot of work. Now, the page is back up!

With the page, there are currently some old reviews gone and some new reviews up.

Rudo's 3 reviews (Dragon Quest Symphonic 1, Phantasy Star Collection 1, and Phantasy Star Collection 2) are all currently down. They will be up shortly, however, and the Phantasy Star CDs may still be able to retain the entire tracks in Real Audio due to a lack of legal restrictions with the CDs.

Stahn's review of the Secret of Evermore OST is currently down, but it will be back up VERY soon. This all depends on Parn doing some work so if you want it back bad just bug him, not me. ;)

A reader review of Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Prelude is down and will probably be down for a while, it may not even come back up.

Now for the new soundtracks. I, Ramza, have contributed 3 new soundtrack reviews for your listening pleasure. First is the Chrono Cross OSV. I said in all of my previous reviews that this soundtrack would blow away all the others, and I was right all along. The hype pays off kids, check out this review. I also did a review for Final Fantasy 4 Celtic Moon and Final Fantasy 8 Piano Collection...Both are amazing CDs.

Finally, former-reader-now-editor Musashi has made a review for the Final Fantasy Anthology CD that comes with the game. Yay!

Now for my final thought. Well, more like a request to the fans. We currently don't have a track list for the Lunar: SSSC Soundtrack that comes with the game. Why? Well, there isn't one in existence. The only one anyone knows of is the CDDB preferences list, which is entirely innaccurate. So if you think you have a track list, check your name for track 7. If it's "Ghaleon's Theme" then I don't want it because that's the wrong one. Got it? Good! Also, if anyone notices any typos in the new soundtracks, please E-Mail me so I can fix it.

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Date Updated:
February 27th, 2000

Time Updated:
1:08 PM


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