Arc the Lad Screen Shots: The Conclusion!

On February 12, we brought you Arc the Lad Screen Shots: Episode I.

The people were happy, but they demanded more.

So on February 15, Arc the Lad Screen Shots Part II was revealed for them to enjoy.

Again, the people were pleased, but being the greedy type that they are (:P), demanded just one more look at Working Designs's Arc the Lad Collection.

And tonight, on February 22, we give the people what they want. Behold! Seventy-Four brand new screen shots for Chapter 3 of the Arc the Lad Collection.

And don't miss the Chapter 3 artwork!

There you have it, the Arc Screen Shot Trilogy, finished at last. Be sure to check out our media for the entire Arc Collection:

Chapter 1: 87 screen shots and artwork.

Chapter 2: 97 screen shots and artwork.

Don't forget, this great compilation is due out November 2000... so the plan goes, at least. :P

Date Updated:
February 22nd, 2000

Time Updated:
8:00 PM

The Chronologist