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The huge RPG in Japan near the end of last year was none other than Chrono Cross, the long-awaited sequel to Chrono Trigger. Yeah, EVERYBODY knows that by now. That very phrase has been splattered on every website that even remotely relates to either game. Japanese gamers also received a redone version of Chrono Trigger on the Playstation featuring anime scenes throughout the game and a modified ending to tie it closer to Chrono Cross. This was released prior to Chrono Cross.

Chrono Cross will find its way to the states in the Fall, but as of now, the re-release of Chrono Trigger will not. Die-hard Chrono fans must be drooling over a U.S. release of Chrono Cross, but our question is this:

"Would you purchase Chrono Trigger Remix if it was released in the U.S.?"

Some say this game is timeless in many ways so those who didn't play it before would get a second chance. Also, the anime scenes offer something new for those who own or have already played the original game.

However, this might be offset by the fact that nothing much has changed in this remade version. Also, there are load times and a few graphical and musical imperfections that some might find annoying.

Would buying this Chrono classic suit your needs? Cast your vote on the main page. We hope to forward this poll to Square and see if they might consider the localization of this game. Keep in mind that no plans for the release of Chrono Trigger Remix have been made at this time.

Now, to last week's poll. We asked our readers if Atlus' Rhapsody would strike a chord with them and the results are quite scattered, but overall reflect positively on the game. The highest number of votes go to "YES! It's soooooo cute!" but just barely since the next three categories ranging from maybe getting the game to not at all got roughly equal amount of votes. The final category of preferring the import version was probably only supported by a few die-hard import RPG fans (and probably half of those were RPGFan editors). With the recent news about Atlus retaining the Japanese songs in Rhapsody you have to wonder if this category would have gotten any votes at all! You can find last week's poll results in the poll archives.

That's it! By the way, no one has e-mailed me about the new poll section at all. Remember, feedback can be given here. Don't be a stranger...flame mail is better than none at all! :P

Date Updated:
February 20th, 2000

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11:28 AM

Stahn Mahn

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