8 New Movies and Some News!

So...We haven't had a movies update in a good long time...Let's talk formatting. movies4.html was 17KB and movies5.html was 29KB. These pages have been evened out to 23KB each now so the loading times are equal. Just wanted to point that out in case you're going to a certain page for different movies.

I'm now going to list the movies given to me by ElfShadow. I'd like to take this time to thank ElfShadow for all the movies he's provided for RPGFan and the movies that he will be providing on Anime Dream. The first movie he provided us with is the CG Introduction to Kartia: The World of Fate. It's a lot better than I expected it to be, and is a worthy download. He also provided us with a very rare movie: The intro to the Rurouni Kenshin RPG. It may be a huge movie (33MB and 3 minutes) but if you're a fan of the anime this movie is worth the overnight DL. ElfShadow also provided 3 movies from Slayers Royal. They include an intro, a battle sequence, and an ingame anime cutscene. Very cool. Thanks ElfShadow!

The next movie comes from a friend of Tortolia's, I believe his name was David Anderson. He's provided us with an ingame battle scene from Parasite Eve. Recently, RPGFan has decided to get a lot more low-filesize ingame sequences; David has promised to provide. In the future, this man will be providing us with many more ingame sequences for you to see how the game plays.

Chaos Breaker II, formerly Omega Weapon, provides us today with the Vagrant Story CG Introduction. Nice job!

Finally, we bring you a new and improved version of Working Designs' Vanguard Bandits Trailer. On their site, it is encoded poorly and left at the gargantuous size of 45 Megabytes. We have used MPEG 4 to turn this file into a nice 19 Megabytes and also provide a RealVideo streaming version to go along. Yes!

To find all these kickbutt movies, go to the movies page and surf around!

Now for the little news tidbits. First of all, Squaresoft has released an American page to start promoting Front Mission 3. However, all the site has right now is a "Coming Soon" sign under the title image. Click on the related link to the right to access this page.

One of RPGFan's major affiliates, GameCave, will be merging with DVD Express effective February 24th this year. In speculation, many feel that this could potentially be a great merge. GameCave has been known for somewhat moderate-to-poor customer service. Their prices are good and they list many items, but sometimes it takes a lot for a person to get their item. On the contrast, DVD Express is known for their outstanding service. With DVD Express, ground shipping is a mere $3 for most items, and if any one item in your order hasn't shipped yet and you wish to add more items you can, with no higher shipping fee than if you had gotten that item with the original order. Not only that, their customer service is great and problems with orders are rare. Many online shoppers agree that GameCave made this merge simply to make their service of a higher quality. We at RPGFan hope this is true so we can support their site all the more. :)

Date Updated:
February 19th, 2000

Time Updated:
7:04 PM


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