Editorials Update

It is unusual for me to update so early, but since I live in the northeastern United States, I'm currently enjoying some snow and freezing rain. On the plus side, I don't have to go to class, and I'm able to bring you such a fine RPGFan update. On the minus side, I have to shovel my driveway while you're all busy reading this, and laughing at my misfortune. :P

Ahem... first, we have an editorial by a, who believes that the older RPG titles, such as Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy, are digital piles of crap. Although I agree on the Dragon Warrior complaint (heh, my opinion folks), I can only anticipate a flood of couterpoints to this one, especially since it's entitled, "Shut The Hell Up Already!" :P

Second, Jeremy Tan brings you his own review of the history of RPGs, entitled, "RPGs: A Review from Past to Present". Some interesting commentary, and definitely worth reading.

Third, Drexle gives a counterpoint to DarkLink's editorial, "Are RPGs Too Mainstream?", commenting on game developers' creativity, gamers selectiveness, among other things.

Next, a comparison of the first and the latest Final Fantasy titles is given by Shayera, simply entitled, "Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy I". She makes some interesting points about both games, so check it out.

After that, we have two columns by testtubebaby, one regarding the Square Millenium Conference, with most of the commentary on the three upcoming Final Fantasy titles, and the other commenting on RPGs as a whole, and what to expect from RPGs in the future.

To finish it all off, there are three responses to the suggested topic, "Final Fantasy IX, X, and XI?", each written individually by DarkLink, Adam Lisbon, and a Each is obviously worth reading (and countering :).

Just a quick comment from me: I do intend on writing a counterpoint to at least one of the editorials amongst the list, so watch out, and expect me to be spewing my vitriolic sarcasm and bias really soon, hehehe.

An important note though, to all of you who intend on submitting editorials: PLEASE PROOF READ YOUR WORK! I spent about 2 hours proof reading all these editorials, fixed many grammar and spelling errors, and I know I missed some errors (I always do). I do not intend on doing this all the time, and I'd appreciate it a lot if you'd proof read each editorial sent, beforehand. If a submission is filled with way too many mistakes (no one's perfect, but too many is just too darn frustrating), I will send it back. :)

Now that I'm done lecturing everyone like a school teacher, you can read up on the editorials by clicking here.

Date Updated:
February 18th, 2000

Time Updated:
8:12 AM