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I'm sure some of you here have played one of Square's Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon games. It's main feature was the fact that it had randomly generated dungeons and everyone hailed this as a great innovation...except that it was a big bite off of the Mysterious Dungeon series of Chunsoft(notice the title similarities as well), which is a bit hit in Japan that never saw the light of day in the US. Chunsoft, following on the release of Tolneko's Great Adventure 2 for the PSX back in Fall '99, is set to release the next game in this series, Fushigi no Dungeon Fuurai no Shiren 2: Onishuurai ! Shiren-jou !, which will mark the first time full 3D is used in a Mysterious Dungeon game.

Huh? Chunsoft? Who the heck are they? Made up of former Dragon Quest (that's Dragon Warrior for you non-import folks) developers who split after a fallout with Enix after Dragon Quest V, they've continued to churn out quality games and started the Mysterious Dungeon series, which is one of the of more well-known RPG series in Japan.

A sequel of the Super Famicom original that was first released in 1995,Shiren 2 is an Action RPG(Dungeon RPG, actually) with it's main focus on the exploration ofthe dungeons and real-time righting than a deep plot, and with randomly generatedly dungeons that have long been a staple of the Mysterious Dungeon series. Shiren 2 takes place before the events in the original game and will revolve around a castle that is only known as....Shiren Castle.

Shiren 2 is slated for April 2000 release for the N64. No plans to translate it for domestic release has been announced at this time.

Source: Geisen

Date Updated:
February 15th, 2000

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4:29 PM

WooJin Lee

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