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2 versions of Lunar Silver Star Story were released for the Sega Saturn in Japan. The 1st version used typical Cinepak video, and so didn't manage to run at full screen, or use CD-quality sound. The 2nd version goes by two names. Lunar Silver Star Story Complete, or Lunar Silver Star Story MPEG version. Saturn users with a Video CD card would be advised to get this version of the game and witness the movie sequences in full screen (well, very nearly full screen), 30 frames per second, stereo sound, as well as some other small goodies like extra bromides. All running off of just one CD-ROM.

But, Video CDs can be played on a home computer, but the MPEG videos of this game could not. They usually either refuse to run or the frame rate was messed up, or the picture broke up. All sorts of problems were encountered with different video playback software.

But now I present 3 movies from this version of the game that no longer cause problems. They'll run fine on standard Windows and Macintosh video software (Media Player and QuickTime respectively). Problem solved, well, unless anyone tells me otherwise.

The movies chosen replace 2 videos we already had in AVI format. There's the intro/attract sequence song. There's the animation where Ghaleon approaches Vane and, well, to describe it would be a spoiler, but it is a vid we did have before. And then there's the song on the boat that Luna sings on the way to Meribia. To go straight to the page which will link to the downloadable videos, click here.

Now, onto the others. Sunrise Heroes is a Dreamcast RPG based on several of the big giant robot anime series of Sunrise. We have a short video that shows some of the CG and gameplay of this title. The soundtrack is actually from a midi file of a Super Robot Wars game though, and I think I made it annoyingly loud when putting it on! But thanks to WooJin Lee for giving me a soundtrack for this video. It looks fairly cool, so please check it out. The game was released in Japan late last year. To see this video, click here.

Finally, there's a part in Shenmue, very late in the game (skip to next paragraph for spoiler evasion), where, it's about 4 o'clock in the morning, Ryo Hazuki has rescued his friend Nozomi Harazaki from the Mad Angels gang, and it's time to go home. Cue cool (and very unexpected, I thought) song, as Ryo and Nozomi get on the back of a borrowed motorbike and speed along the quiet streets of Yokosuka at night. Like the rest of Shenmue, this is all done using the game's 3D graphics engine, not FMV. To see this video, Click Here.

All these new movies are in MPEG format and have RealVideos too.

Date Updated:
February 13th, 2000

Time Updated:
5:11 PM

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