Will Rhapsody Get the +1 Treatment?

Over nine months after The Puppet Princess of Marl Kingdom was released in Japan, it was re-released as The Puppet Princess of Marl Kingdom +1. This re-released version was the same game, but it came with a reduced price tag and a bonus disk containing illustrations, music, karaoke, etc..

While I doubt Atlus would dream of lowering the price tag, it does leave this editor wondering if Atlus will go all-out and release Rhapsody with the bonus disk included. Or maybe they'll make it available by mail like the multimedia CD in Thousand Arms. Since they made many goodies available for Thousand Arms, it does seem possible, but no word from Atlus as of yet.

Until then, we have 4 screen shots and the packaging!

Date Updated:
February 12th, 2000

Time Updated:
8:35 PM

Stahn Mahn

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