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The lead designer of Deus Ex, Bob White, recently made a comment on a Deus Ex based message board about the role of drugs in the game. This was in response to someone's comment on whether drugs would be available in the Deus Ex world. Bob White had this to say:

"When you drink or do drugs it willl effect your characters ability to perform tasks well...just like the real world. As far as the availabiltiy of crack, drugs come in an out of style with new ones cropping up all the time. While there is the drug element in our game, crack will not be the substance.
Realize that the drugs in the game are there for atmosphere and using them can often lead to....tragic results."

There you have it. Deus Ex is now the official game for virtual addictions. That is of course unless you count EverQuest.

Fresh from the Magic Box is an agent of gaming intelligence about the new Dreamcast RPG, Sorcerian ~ Apprentice of Seven Star Magic. Spells are created via a unique system based on seven magic stars that affect spells in a variety of ways, making the list of possible magic combinations nearly infinite.

Towns in Sorcerian are more than a pit stop for supplies as well. Leveling up is oddly accomplished by speaking to the king, practicing magic or enhancing armor is done at the sorcerer's, and abilities can be obtained from special items through the Presbyter's house.

The afformentioned skill learning that takes place in Sorcerian is much more long winded than ever imagined, as the characters age their skills are eventually passed on to a younger generation so that their skills will still be useful. That means that while initially choosing a profession, you may want to be careful with your decision, or you could end up in an agency that will make your gaming tedious as well as challenge your intelligence. You wouldn't want that to happen, would you?

If this game turns out as good as it sounds, Sorcerian ~ Apprentice of Seven Star Magic could be the Dreamcast RPG to beat. That is until Eternal Arcadia...

Source: Gaming Age, The Magic Box

Date Updated:
February 2nd, 2000

Time Updated:
7:47 PM

Kei Sagami

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