He's Got Movies Comin' Out the Wazoo!

We'll start with the old movies and then move on to the infamous movie files. Is that as good for you as it is for me? I thought so.

First up is some old-school fun that originated on the Neo Geo CD system...It's the Samurai Spirits RPG Introduction movie! You can tell this movie is VERY old by the movement in the movie. It could run at 5 fps and no one would notice the difference. Nonetheless, the characters still look cool and for a small file size of 5.5 Megabytes, maybe this download is right for you! Thanks to Chaos Breaker (Omega Weapon) for this good ol' movie!

Next up is the introduction to Shadow Madness, brought to you by editor StahnMahn. If you have any questions about this movie or the game itself, E-mail him!

Another 2 movies from Chaos Breaker, this time from Final Fantasy VIII. We have the introduction movie and the ending movie. Note that the ending movie starts after the "first scene" (don't wanna spoil...It's after the blank white screen with the feather drop). From there it goes and then skips the credits, and then ends with the post-credit sequence. Both of these movies run at like 15 fps, and you can tell a difference: but again, the filesize is right for you considering the length of these movies! Note that we used to have more of the FF8 ending in separate files from Cyber Hippy Vision, but they are now gone because we will have more of the ending coming soon WITHOUT their logo at the end. You know, we at RPGFan don't want to sell out to other websites.

Speaking of us selling out, here are 3 new movies from The Gaming Intelligence Agency! They are preview trailers for Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy X, AND Final Fantasy XI. Note that these were movies shown at the "Square Millenium" convention held very recently, and the movies were taken with a video camera. Peoples' heads get in the way every now and then, but because these ARE the first moving images of the next 3 FF games, they must be put up. Also, the FF11 trailer only features conceptual art and the title screen, but it still looks cool. However, if you don't wanna get these trailers at their full size (between 10 and 18 Megabytes each), RPGFan does have RealVideo versions available for viewing, the link is right with the movies. One note regarding these RealVideo Movies:

If you wish to use these RealVideo movies on your site, you MUST credit "RPGFan" with a link to within the main body text of the story. If applicable, please also link to RPGFan in the "source" or "related links" sections of your website's layout. Don't think we will find you...Because we probably wouldn't. ^_^

I just had to put that in. ;)

Anyway, to reach all of these movies and MORE, click here.

Also, for more servers that hold the FF9-11 trailers, seriously check out as they have a lot of servers holding the movies now...Or you can just use ours.

Source: The Gaming Intelligence Agency

Date Updated:
February 2nd, 2000

Time Updated:
6:24 PM


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