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Choosing an RPG to buy in the September lineup is already difficult with Thousand Arms, Suikoden II and Final Fantasy VIII. Here's another game to throw into the mix: Tail Concerto!

This game teeters between adventure/RPG and just plain adventure, but either way, it's a very enjoyable game! I have only played about five and one half hours of it, but it's clear that it has many addicting qualities.

The characters in this game are either cat people or dog people. Cat people, as cats seem to always be portrayed, are evil, while the dog people are good. You play as the dog Waffle, a police officer in Prairie. This land is comprised of separate floating islands, which you can explore with your trusty airship.

The object is clear early on in the game; capture the Black Cats Gang! However, the chance encounters with these cats are hardly life or death situations, as comedy is often thrown in. Plus, the voice acting used for most of the dialogue makes it all the more entertaining! View art pictures of Waffle and the gang here.

The first thing you see when playing this game is the beautiful anime opening. It shows Waffle and the diverse supporting cast throughout many colorful scenes. To view the first anime clip of the game (aside from the opening), click here.

The colorful and cartoon-like 3D fantasy world this game is played out in provides a new and different world for gamers to explore. To see 58 exclusive screen shots of this game as well as 17 official pictures from Atlus, click here.

Two features of note that are displayed in the screen shots are the photo album and the robojet. The photo album is assembled by finding pieces of photographs hidden all over the world. When certain parts are gathered they eventually form a full picture, which you can view at your house in Porto Village. These full-screen, hand-drawn images are very nice to look at and make the search for the pieces worthwhile. The other feature, the robojet, is a rocket pack that allows you to search the many islands of Airleaf. It's very fun to use once you get the hang of it!

The music in this game is quite good, in my opinion. So good, in fact, that we have 10 real audio music samples for you to hear. While all the songs have their own flavor and appeal, the Ferzen Mines track is one of my personal favorites!

Atlus will be releasing Tail Concerto by the end of this month, hot on the heels of their upcoming RPG/dating sim, Thousand Arms. We will have reviews of both games available when they are released!

Date Updated:
September 7th, 1999

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1:53 AM

Stahn Mahn

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