Valkyrie Profile Info revealed!

Valkyrie Profile: Should Deny The Divine Destiny of The Destinies (yes, that IS the full name of the game) is the lastest offering from Tri-Ace/Enix that is slated for release in late '99 in Japan. Detailed information about this game wasn't available until now, with the only hint being that it is based from Norse Mythology. Let's take a further look in, shall we?

Like the Myth, in Valkyrie Profile, you will play the role of Goddess (? Check for official designation) of fallen heroes, that take the warriors that die on the lower plane into the World that the gods live in.

One day, Odin, the King of Gods, receives word that Ragnarok is approaching their world. In order to prepare for the last battle, he sends you, Valkyrie, to scour Midgard for the spirits of Heroes past to enlist their help for the final battle that approaches them.

The lower plane, Midgard, is an entire world in chaos, and as you wander the world, you'll get a sense of bleakness at the dying people, the Necromancers that control the dead, and the countless wars that befall on the humans. You will be needed here to collect the spirits of the heroes and safely bring them back into the Gods' World, Valhara.

Valhara, on the other hand, is a world that is world ruled by Odin and is a beautiful world filled with magnificent castles and open grass fields that streach out for miles. However, this may not neccessarily mean that Valhara is free of battles....

Valkyrie has the ability to talk to spirits and when you find one that is suitable for the final battle, you can recruit them into your party to aid you in your search for the others. The interesting thing is that you can decide which skills and special attacks that each party member has, so you will be able to mold each character you get into your own liking.

The Battle System plays out in an action game fashion. You can switch between characters with a press of a button, and by pressing the action button, you can perform a wide array of combos and attacks, with multiple party members joining the fray (the Party limit size is 4).

Valkyrie Profile has the Potential to become one of the best RPGs that will be released near the holiday season. Let's see if Tri-Ace(known for their Star Ocean series) can pull another success out of their hats this time!

Date Updated:
September 1st, 1999

Time Updated:
12:17 PM

WooJin Lee

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