Nintendo Space World '99

The following are various tidbits of information about games announced/shown during the bustle of Nintendo Space World '99. Keep in mind that since this is often the first time information is released about certain games, some titles and information are subject to change. Furthermore, it is not even certain whether any of these games will even be released in the U.S. so keep that in mind when reading below.

Super Mario RPG 2 - This was the tentative title Nintendo of America gave this game. It's supposedly a sequel to Super Mario RPG. This game seems to use a unique combo of 2D and 3D graphics. The characters are actually 2D and totally flat so it looks kinda weird in 3D environments. Click here to see the short game play movie.

Mother 3 - Known to some in the U.S. as Earthbound 64, this game will continue the Mother/Earthbound tradition of modern mayhem with quirky characters. View the small game play clip here.

Pokémon Gold and Silver - A Nintendo event wouldn't be complete without the latest two Pokémon games; the Gold and Silver versions for Gameboy Color. The movie clip doesn't show anything not seen in the other Pokémon games, but if you wish to see it, click here.

Legend of Zelda: Acorn of the Mystical Tree - The first original GBC Zelda game ever was shown off with its own video clip. It looks to use the same engine of Zelda: Link's Awakening, but if you wish to see it, click here.

Zelda Gaiden - Finally, we have a video clip from the Zelda semi-sequel to be released on Nintendo 64. Click here to see it.

Other Life Azure Dreams GB - Inspired by Azure Dreams for Playstation (known as Other Life Azure Dreams in Japan), this game seems to take many elements from the original game by Konami. See 3 screen shots and 14 pieces of artwork.

Super Robot Wars 64 - Not much more info on this Banpresto RPG, but we have one more screen shot!

Robot Poncotts (Poncottsu) 64: Caramel of the 7 Seas - Hudson and Red Company bring an oddly titled N64 RPG. Click here to view 1 image.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Duel Stories II: Duel Monsters - A GBC title from Konami. Not much is known about it, but we have 2 screen shots and one front packaging shot.

Guruguru Characters - See 1 screen shot from an Atlus GBC RPG.

The Epic Tale of the Cute Pet Shop - We know nothing about this game, but we have 1 screen shot.

Super Cooking Legend: Bistro Recipes ~Food n Battle - I have never seen such an odd title, but this was the exact translation by editor Woojin Lee (as were most of these translations). To see a screen shot of yet another obscure GBC title, click here.

War Chronicles Metal Walker - See one screen shot of a Capcom GBC RPG.

It will be interesting to see which games make it to the U.S. and which will fall short. RPGFan will try to grab more pictures of the above games as they are released. Until then, we have some parting pictures of this year's Space World thanks to Nintendo of America. Enjoy!

Date Updated:
August 28th, 1999

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10:40 PM

Stahn Mahn