Thousand Arms Movies

Since my previous update was pretty big, I'll keep this one short. We've got 3 more movies of Thousand Arms and you should definately check them out as they show the various aspects of the game.

Those movies are of typical RPGFan quality (being at 320x240 with stereo sound and all) and the file size is incredibly small thanks to heavy compression given by the MPEG4 video codec and the MP3 sound codec. If you download the movies and can't play them for some reason, don't hesitate to e-mail me and I will help you in trying to make them work. However, you should have a recent version of Windows Media Player from Microsoft in order to be able to have sound in those movies and you may need the MPEG4 codec for the video (which you can find here on the site by clicking on the MPEG4 link in each movie or by going to the main movies page). Since a lot of our movies are using the MPEG4 codec, I would suggest installing support for that if you don't already have it.

One of the movie is Meis talking with his father at the begining of the game and is a great example of the incredible voice acting featured in this game. Another movie is from a date with Sodina and the last movie is from a battle sequence that features a summon spell.

All movies are under 5 megs but they are all more than a minute and a half long (with the date movie being 2 minutes 34 seconds) so you have no excuses not to get them :P.

Click here to check the movies out and don't forget that all those videos are also available in Real Video format for previewing purposes and that we also have the Thousand Arms intro movie in there in case you haven't seen it yet.

Date Updated:
August 25th, 1999

Time Updated:
8:35 PM


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