Wild Arms 2 Media

With the Japanese release of Wild Arms 2nd Ignition less than a month away, more pictures have surfaced. This time, we have pictures showing battles, the overworld, and a few town shots. It looks like this time around, the characters will sport more realiztic proportions than they did in the original Wild Arms. Also, with a fully 3D overworld and nicer battle scenery, it looks like this game will make exceptional graphical improvements as well. See the screen shots here.

We also have a small, yet detailed map of the world. It doesn't look anything like Filgaia from Wild Arms so either a lot has changed over time or this game will not take place in Filgaia. Either way, click here to view the map.

Finally we have a real video file for you to view. SCEI has blocked the ability of being able to download it to our server so we have a direct link to the file here. When this real video was linked by other sites (mainly IGN and GIA) it was REALLY lagging and not even worth watching, but now things have calmed down and it streams much better. The video isn't anything truly spectacular, but it shows screen shots and has a few music tracks during the video that most probably will be included in the game.

Date Updated:
August 21st, 1999

Time Updated:
10:39 AM

Stahn Mahn

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