Details about the new Zelda Gameboy Color games!

The first details of The Legend of Zelda: Mysterious Tree of Fruit have been released. For those who don't know, this is the new Zelda game that is coming out for Gameboy Color. Other Zelda titles announced for Gameboy Color were the original two Zelda games from the NES (The Legend of Zelda and The Legend of Zelda: The Adventures of Link) and two more, totally new Zelda games that currently do not have names. The new titles are being developed by Nintendo, Capcom and Flagship.

The gameplay looks to be that of classic Zelda. You take the traditional "topdown" perspective and guide Link through his quest. This new title will use the same engine that The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening used.

All three of the new games are linked together with one storyline. Each game is based on one of the pieces of the Triforce. The first game will center on the Triforce of Power. This is a pretty interesting concept. Another interesting concept is that you will be able to move your character from game to game via the Gameboy Color's infrared link. Of course, this would require two Gameboy Colors. One more detail to this story: It appears as if these new titles will be released within a couple months of one another.

RPGFan will bring you more information on this promising title as soon as we get it.

NOTE: There are a couple different translations of The Legend of Zelda: Mysterious Tree of Fruit going around at the moment. Another translation is The Legend of Zelda: Acorn of the Mystical Tree. Hopefully this will clear up some confusion


Date Updated:
August 20th, 1999

Time Updated:
11:32 PM