New videos

Three new videos have just been made availabe.

Breath of Fire III commercial: This has been transferred over from StahnMahn's website, RPGHQ. Behold some cool animation that curiously was not present in the game, along with a short clip of a Japanese song. A very fast paced little video.

Sakura Wars: To illustrate how this so-called 'dating sim' works, I've made a video that shows how to play the strategy fighting scenes, complete with steam-powered robots. Most of the useful battle options are used, even though this fight takes place towards the end of the very first battle, as way of illustration. Most of the later battles can easily last an hour, as opposed to a few minutes. It isn't boring at all, thanks to the large amount of speech (in Japanese of course), so even if you only try the RealVideo version (RealPlayer G2 required), please take a look!

Yumimimix Remix: Okay, this isn't exactly an RPG at all. Instead the game is presented like an anime show that gives you a text-based choice every few moments, resulting in different events as the game goes on. The player controls Yumimi, a 15 year old schoolgirl, and then really weird stuff happens... Slimes, unicorns, cat-head thingies, and a bizarre crush that another girl has on Yumimi is what this game provides! The reason the intro is here is because, like Lunar, this is a Game Arts game that was released on Mega CD (Japanese Sega CD) and then converted to Saturn. The 16-bit version came out in 1992 (before Lunar The Silver Star, and without 'Remix' in the title) and the 32-bit version in 1995, one of Game Arts' first Saturn games. It boasts extremely high production values by 16-standards and like Lunar and Urusei Yatsura, was one of the most popular Mega CD games in Japan. This video is the introduction from the Saturn game, complete with the song in stereo. FMV wasn't used at all, instead all the pictures in the animation are stored in the console's memory so that the song could be played from the CD, like how many older CD-ROM games handled their opening animations.

Go to the Movies Page and follow the links to find the new videos in the alphabetical listings.

Finally, a lot more video files now have associated RealVideo links, so that they can be previewed quickly and easily (I hope!). Go to to pick up RealPlayer G2 if you need it.

Date Updated:
August 17th, 1999

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3:40 PM

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