Growlanser Screenshots

Yep, I know we're a little late with these but it's better late than never so here are 12 gameplay screenshots of Growlanser for the Playstation.

For those who don't know about Growlanser, it is a Strategy/RPG developped by Career Soft and it will be published by Atlus this Fall in Japan. If the name Career Soft rings a bell, it's because Career Soft are the developers of the acclaimed Langrisser series which has a horde of fans thanks in part to the incredible character design of Satoshi Urushihara. Why is Atus publishing this game instead of NCS/Masaya who published the Langrisser games? Well, from what I heard, Career Soft's contract with NCS/Masaya ended some time after Langrisser V so Career Soft can now develop games for other companies. Since Career Soft have now parted from NCS/Masaya, it seems like Langrisser V will most likely have been the last Langrisser game made by Career Soft (the upcoming Langrisser Millenium for Dreamcast is not being developped by Career Soft). Since NCS/Masaya owns the Langrisser name, Career Soft may be trying to come up with a new series for them to work on and hopefully Growlanser will become this big series for them and we will hopefully see a lot of sequel for this game in the future. Of course, all of this is speculation on my part so don't take what I'm saying as facts but merely as my interpretation of the situation (thanks Commodore and WooJin for your posts about this on the imports message board). The similarities between Langrisser and Growlanser should definately make this game a hit in Japan (and with hardcore RPG importers in America). With Atlus releasing more and more RPGs in America, there is a good chance of the game making its way to America sometime during the year 2000.

To check out the 12 screenshots that StahnMahn put up, click right here.

Date Updated:
August 12th, 1999

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5:32 PM