Chrono Trigger 2 a reality?

It was reported by Gaming Intelligence Agency, and that Square is planning a Chrono Trigger sequel. Now, this rumor has been going around forever, but now the rumor has some credibility. I've checked out a number of Japanese gaming webpages and they all report the same thing.

The evidence is there. Square has, apparently, reserved the name "Chrono Cross" for the new Chrono game. Also, at Square's shareholder meeting they announced 12 games would come out in Japan by the end of the year. Six games have been released in Japan so far this year.

Even the dumbest people know that 6 games remain to be released. The current list of announced games yet to be released are Legend of Mana and Parasite Eve 2. I don't count this "Vagrant Story" because Square hasn't made the OFFICIAL announcement on it. It's assumed that it will be one of the four demos in the Legend of Mana CD (I WILL import it for sure now :-)). The other demos in Legend of Mana are Dew Prism and Front Mission 3.

Two games left now, what are they? Well, Vagrant Story is the one that is being rumored the most to be included. Remember, the team behind Vagrant Story is the same behind Final Fantasy Tactics, one of the better games Square has released on a 32-bit console in my opinion. The final game is now being rumored as Chrono Trigger 2, or Chrono Cross. Actually, these 4 titles have been reported to have been seen on the actual box of Legend of Mana that appears on some flyers distributed to game shops in Japan. So, this seems to pretty much confirm it although there's still no official announcement.

There is more fuel being added to the fire. Square announced that on July 14, a huge announcement would be made about a game. The next day, July 15, Legend of Mana will be released. What a better time to announce a game right before the demo comes out?

And it doesn't stop there. One of the character designers from the same team as the original Chrono Trigger as well as Xenogears dropped the ball and said the team was working on Dew Prism and another big game that started with "Ch." Now, I'm not positive, but I don't think the teams who worked on Xenogears and the Chocobo games are the same.

As far as big announcements go, that is pretty huge. I won't even go into the rumors of Xenogears 2, because they are so early. Go to or Gaming Intelligence Agency to find out.

None of this really matters, but I think it is time to speculate on the sequel. I'm not a fan of what Square has done recently except for Xenogears and Final Fantasy Tactics but if they decide to return to their 16-bit roots, I'll buy the games. And FF8 looks real good too. Things are certainly heating up in the RPG category this year.

Date Updated:
June 26th, 1999

Time Updated:
11:48 PM


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