Lunar: SSS Complete

First off, I have to say, the packaging job by Working Designs for Lunar is totally AWESOME. From the outer cardboard, flip-open, foilstamped box, to the CD artwork. I've only played up to Meribia(from my demo save) so I haven't gotten to touch the game much, but from the demo, and what I've played past that, this is indeed what I have come to expect from a new Lunar! The making of CD is great too! I've noticed some people on various message boards speculating as to whether the making of CD is more of a "translation of" CD, instead of a "making of" CD. Well, there is quite a bit on the translation of it on the CD, but a very large portion of it is spent talking with the Japanese producers and designers such as Iwadare, the music composer, and owner of Two-Five, the company behind the sounds of the Lunar series. Speaking of Iwadare, did anyone see those awesome Grandia posters in the background of the room he was in on the interview? Those things were a work of art! I also think WD had excellent choice for background music for the "making of" CD, which included a LOT of music from the original, The Silver Star. And while I'm on the subject of the music, the soundtrack is totally awesome as well! From the actual game songs, to the partially remixed TSS songs, the soundtrack was splendid. And from what I've played of the game itself, the translation is certainly one of WDs best!

Now that we've gotten the impressions out of the way. I posted two new movies, one of Mia's intro in Vane, and the other of Laike's intro towards the beginning of the game. You can go to the movies page by clicking here.

Also, for those that REALLY enjoy the game, and want to talk about it with others, try Emailing a good friend of mine, NallWdrgn, to join Althena's Court Online, the first, the biggest, the longest-running, and certainly the best Lunar club on the internet! I'm an ex-president of the club. ^_^

StahnMahn should be back later with some packaging scans later today, and I'll be back later with some screen shots within the next day or so!

Date Updated:
June 2nd, 1999

Time Updated:
6:30 PM


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