Mystery RPG: The Full Story

Well, first of all, I'd like to extend a big thanks to Victor Ireland for telling me all about the mystery RPG at our meeting at E3 (I'll put up the entire interview later this week on the site). Even though he couldn't reveal what the new mystery RPG is (yet), he revealed what it was originally supposed to be.

The original mystery RPG was actually Samurai Showdown RPG. Working Designs had been in discussion for a while with SNK and everything seemed to be going great when at the last minute, the deal fell apart for reasons that obviously can't be disclosed. Working Designs really wanted to do it and they had already started on the intro for the game. SNK had given WD a bunch of materials including the Samurai Showdown OAV (anime) and the American intro was supposed to be 3 minutes long with a lot of cool anime clips and a japanese-style song and everything. Unfortunately, the deal fell apart and nobody will see this intro which was very cool. Now, before anybody asks Vic if he could post the video on the internet, he can't do it obviously because of licensing issues so don't even ask him about it.

After the deal fell apart, WD decided to wait a bit because they were negotiating for another game at the time and they thought that this other deal would go through in the next couple months so they waited for that to happen and then they would announce it as the mystery RPG. This other game was supposed to be Spectral Force 2. The team that made Spectral Force 2 was actually the team that made the original Dragon Force on Saturn and had left to go with Idea Factory. So basically, the art in the game was almost identical to Dragon Force since the artist was the same guy that worked on the game. However, when Working Designs actually got an alpha copy of Spectral Force 2, they realized that the game just wasn't good enough to port over especially since there had been such a big hype around the mystery RPG and they couldn't release a sub-par game like Spectral Force 2. So, anyway, after that, they had several other deals in the work for other RPGs and one in particular that they thought: "this will be our mystery RPG" but this one can't be reveal yet because it's probably going to be the "actual" mystery RPG and Working Designs is on the verge of making the deal and should announce it in a matter of weeks now (if everything goes well of course).

Anyway, this is basically the story about the mystery RPG and it should finally come to an end in a couple of weeks so be patient. Working Designs wasn't in a hurry to announce a new title anyway because if you look at it, they still had a lot of titles to release and all they wanted was to catch up with them (Lunar and Silhouette Mirage for example). As soon as I get a chance, I will try to put up the entire interview with Vic up on the site but there is a lot of stuff in there and it's not easy to put everything that's on the tape up in text on a page so I'll do my best and hopefully will have it up within a week. There is a lot more info in this interview including stuff about Lunar 3 and a lot of other things that everybody should find interesting. Anyway, I'll cut this short cause I'm on my way to see the Star Wars movie and I can't wait to get there so I'll be back tommorow with some more stuff on the site.

Date Updated:
May 18th, 1999

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9:42 PM


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