Rudo's E3 News Tidbits

Well, I'm back from E3 and all I can tell you is that the show was great and that I'm definately tired from all the walking, carrying of free stuff and the fact that I almost didn't sleep at night. However, I just slept for 12 hours and that felt really good so I'm ready to start working on all this E3 stuff I got while I was over there.

First of all, let me mention 2 little tidbits that I picked up from the show floor. First of all, I learned from a source that the reason why Activision is releasing Blue Stinger instead of Sega themselves is because Sega wants to have Activision on their side and this was kinda like a gift to them so that Activision can become a Dreamcast publisher. Blue Stinger has the potential to be a big title in America and Activision is probably quite happy to get their hands on it and Sega on the other hand may lose some money because they won't publish the game themselves but on the other hand, they get on the good side of a big publisher so everybody wins in the end. On another note, Activision will be working hard on fixing some of the problems that plagued the Japanese version of Blue Stinger. Many of you may remember the work that Activision did with Tenchu when they released it in America. Well, Blue Stinger has the same problem that Tenchu had in the Japanese version: camera problems. So, hopefully, Activision will be able to make Blue Stinger a better game than its japanese counterpart.

Another tidbit I picked up is that according to inside sources Castlevania: Resurrection on the Dreamcast is not exactly "Castlevania caliber" and some employees over at Konami are pushing for the game to be cancelled or reworked. Since Castlevania is a pretty big license, I hope they find a way to rework the game because cancelling the game would not be good for Sega and the Dreamcast. Maybe one of these days, Konami will learn that Konami of America can't do good games and they'll let Konami of Japan do all the Castlevania and Contra games because everything KOJ does turns out good and everything KOA does turns out like crap so it's not a surprise that Castlevania: Resurrection would be the same thing.

Date Updated:
May 17th, 1999

Time Updated:
3:12 PM