Various E3 News

From Gaming Age, we learned some new info on Lufia III. While Natsume has Lufia III planned on the Playstation for the fourth quarter of 1999, things may have changed. There's talks that Natsume is no longer the US publisher, but someone else has stepped in, and the game will now appear on the Game Boy Color?! Yeah, I'm skeptical too, but that's what Gaming Age reported, and GA isn't very known for screwups.

Also, while this isn't RPG news, Nintendo and Rare's Goldeneye predecessor, Perfect Dark, has an EIGHT player multiplayer mode, where 4 characters are controlled by the computer and the other 4 are controlled by the players. The last little bit of news was quite a shocker. Excitebike, the original NES motorcross game, now has a sequel planned for the Nintendo 64 later this year titled "Excitebike 64". I remember playing the original for hours, hopefully the upgrade can keep us as excited as the original. And obviously at the Nintendo booth, there was plenty of Pokemon stuff for the Pokemon fans.

As expected, Saga Frontier 2, Final Fantasy VIII, and Final Fantasy Anthology appeared at Square's booth. What was a suprise though, was that during the movie they had been showing, a quick clip of the new Parasite Eve 2 was shown. Square was hush-hush about it, but expect more on the game some time after E3. Also, Final Fantasy VIII was announced for the PC.

And last, but certainly not least, some more info on Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Remix for the US Playstation. Again, just like the upcoming Lunar: Silver Star Story, WD plans to do a huge promo for Lunar: Eternal Blue Remix. 3 game CDs, a soundtrack, and a making-of CD. A demo disc of Lunar 2 will be released with Detonator Gauntlet, another of WDs new recently announced games. It will be made available later this year. The release date for Lunar 2 has been set for Winter 99. Thanks to Game News Network there are four screenshots from WDs booth shown below. Expect more hot E3 info later today.



Date Updated:
May 13th, 1999

Time Updated:
6:22 PM


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