Nintendo's New System Unveiled

Nintendo has finally revealed their next system, tentatively titled Project Dolphin. Nintendo's next system will be DVD based, and it will be a joint project between Nintendo and IBM. Here are the specs:

Nintendo "Dolphin" System Summary CPU:
-IBM Gekko Processor (an Extension of the IBM Power PC Architecture)
-400 MHz Clock Speed
-Semiconductor Process 0.18 micron Copper Technology

-Custom Chip Designed by ArtX, Inc. of Palo Alto, CA.
-200 MHz Clock Speed
-Semiconductor Process 0.18 micron Embedded DRAM Technology

System Memory:
-High Speed DRAM Technology
-Memory Bandwidth -- 3.2 GB / second

Software Medium:
-Matsushita Unique DVD Technology
-Enhanced Counterfeit Protection

Sounds extremely promising. Let's hope that there are some RPGs for this one.

Source: Gaming Age

Date Updated:
May 13th, 1999

Time Updated:
11:00 AM

Commodore Wheeler